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Position: Patrol | Type: POLICE OFFICER

Application Status: Open

January 30, 2023

Expiration Date: 

Sign on bonus:

Academy salary: 

$29.50 hourly

Salary range: 

$29.50 hourly - $40.71 hourly


Recruiter Name:

Samantha Puckett

Recruiter Phone:

406 869 3928

Recruiter Email:

Department Info:

The Billings Police Department is a progressive, community-oriented police department that seeks motivated, career-minded individuals to join our team for both civilian and sworn officer positions. Applications are accepted on a continual basis. 


Shift Differential: (Officers work four (4) ten (10)  hour days. Shift is bid annually by seniority) Those officers, who work  the majority of their regularly assigned shift within the following  hours, shall be compensated in addition to their regular base rate  accordingly: • Afternoon Shift (1430 - 0030) $1.00/hr • Night Shift  (2100 - 0700) $2.00/hr • Officers assigned to the “weekend shift” (1800  Fri. to Mon. 0600) shall receive $.75/hr weekend pay.

Certification Pay: After completing a one-year  probation period, officers are eligible for incentive pay based on POST  Certification level. Amounts are $1000 for Intermediate and $2000 for  Advanced.

Specialty Pay: All personnel who are assigned by the  Chief of Police special duties will receive $250 annually for their  specialty (regardless of number of specialties held).

Education Incentive: An officer who holds an  Associate’s Degree shall receive $25.00 per pay period. An officer who  holds a Bachelor’s Degree or higher shall receive $50.00 per pay period.  The degree must be from an institution of higher learning recognized by  the U.S. Department of Education. Tuition Reimbursement Any employee  matriculated into a program of higher education shall be reimbursed for  75% of the cost of all tuition for all courses approved by the Chief of  Police upon furnishing evidence of satisfactory completion of course  within thirty (30) days of its completion. The City will have available a  minimum of $15,000 (fifteen thousand dollars) to assure funding of the  above provision. If an officer receives benefits under this Section and  resigns prior to the completion of their 5th year of service, all  educational benefits must be repaid to the City.

Vacation Leave: Beginning year 1 thru 10 yrs of  completed service Accrue up to 4.62hrs/pay period Start of year 11 thru  15 yrs of completed service Accrue up to 5.54hrs/pay period Start of  year 16 thru 20 yrs of completed service Accrue up to 6.47 hrs/per  period 21+ yrs of service Accrue up to 7.39hrs/per period • Maximum two  times annual vacation accruals allowed at the end of the first pay  period in January per policy. • Paid out 100% at separation. • One  personal leave day per fiscal year

Sick Leave: Employees accrue up to 3.7hrs/pay period. No maximum accumulation. • Paid out 25% at separation per state statute.

Family and Medical Leave: For eligible employees, up  to 12 weeks of leave during a 12-month, rolling back period, for  eligible purposes. • Required to use accumulated accruals prior to  beginning unpaid leave. • This is a Federal Law the city and employees  are required to adhere to and the city has the right to designate.

Municipal Police Officers Retirement System (MPORS): 9% of the employee’s salary is contributed to MPORS. • City’s  contribution to MPORS is 14.41% • This amount is tax deferred &  employees are vest when they have 5 yrs of service. • Must elect Defined  Benefit or Defined Contribution retirement plan before 1 yr of service.

Deferred Compensation: Employees have the option of participating in a deferred compensation programs.

Equipment: All uniforms and equipment provided (including 40 caliber or 9 mm Glock) • $450.00 yearly police equipment allowance

Lateral Transfer Pay:Lateral transfer officers will  receive the Department’s standard entry level pay during their  probationary period of 12 months. After the probationary period has been  successfully completed, wages will be increased commensurate to their  years of experience up to 6 years(6 years maximum previous service +  probationary year completed at BPD = STEP 8). *Seniority and longevity  pay do not transfer from the officer’s previous department.


  • Age: Be at least 18 years of age.

  • Education: High School graduate or have passed a G.E.D. test

  • Experience: None

  • Be a citizen of the United States

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Not have been convicted of a crime for which the person could have been imprisoned in a federal or state penitentiary

  • Be a high school graduate or have passed the general education  development test and been issued an equivalency certificate by the  superintendent of public instruction or by an appropriate issuing agency  of another state or of the federal government;

  • Possess or be eligible for a valid Montana driver’s license;

  • No convictions for Partner/Family Member Assault, assaulting or eluding a peace officer;

  • No evidence that the applicant has misrepresented or falsified any information to the department;

  • No illegal drug usage, as defined in Montana Code Annotated  50-32-101(6), except marijuana in the last five years and any marijuana  usage in the last one year from date of application

Lateral Transfer Requirements:

  • Lateral transfer applicants shall be employed for at least 24 of the  past 36 months (at time of application) as a full time police officer,  deputy sheriff, tribal officer, or highway/state patrol officer who  possess full arrest powers with a department of any size.

  • Officers must be P.O.S.T. certified and their credentials must be in  good standing (not in suspended or revoked status). Federal law  enforcement agents, corrections officers, game wardens, military police,  reserves, and campus police do not qualify for lateral transfer.

  • Lateral transfer police officers that have a P.O.S.T. certificate  from another state will be required to successfully complete a two-week  equivalency course at the Montana Law Enforcement Academy and will be  required to successfully complete a 15-week F.T.O. program with a  possibility to complete an abbreviated program.

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