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Position: Patrol | Type: Police Officer (Recruit)

Application Status: Open

December 31, 2023

Expiration Date: 

Sign on bonus:

Academy salary: 


Salary range: 

$66,418 - $125,000 annual


Hiring website:

Recruiter Name:

Daniel Anderson

Recruiter Phone:


Department Info:

For decades, the Chula Vista Police Department has maintained a culture of community-based policing, innovative problem solving, community engagement, and accountability. The need to provide public safety services to our community with fairness, equity, and justice is not new to our organization. It is deeply engrained into our history and our shared culture. We uphold the highest ideals for our profession, and are proud that our officers serve our residents according to our community's expectations and needs.

Comprised of approximately 250 sworn officers and 100 civilian employees, we are constantly recruiting highly qualified and motivated men and women who have a heart for service. Currently we have approximately 30 open positions for sworn officers.


  • Police Recruit: is the entry-level position to a career in  municipal law enforcement. Police Recruits learn and participate in  established curriculum and subsequently pass all tests given by training  staff, including academics and manipulative skills such as defensive  tactics, firing weapons with accuracy, and driving at high speeds on a  set test course while maintaining control. After successfully completing  the Police Academy, the Police Recruit will then automatically promote  to the classification of Peace Officer.

  • Compensation: Police Recruit salary range is $66,417 annually. After 6  months and successful graduation from Academy, Police Recruit will  automatically jump to Peace officer Salary pay scale.

  • Military, Military Police, Federal Law Enforcement, Out of State  Law Enforcement, Private/Non-Safety Correctional/Detentions Officers May  be eligible for bonus starting salary of up to $80K based on  experience**

  • Compensation: Peace Officer salary range is $87,715-$106,617. Peace  Officers will receive an additional 3% pay increase and $2,000 stipend  on July 2023.

  • Police Officer Lateral: Applicants currently employed as a  paid, full-time sworn Peace Officer (or equivalent) with a California  city Police, county Sheriff, or state law enforcement agency with at  least one year of continuous full-time law enforcement experience at  time of application. A copy of the appropriate POST certificate must be  submitted at time of application.

  • Incentive: up to $25k Lateral incentive + $5K moving bonus**

  • Additionally, up to $5K moving allowance provided for out of county  applicant (over 70 miles). Salary is negotiable dependent on years of  experience. TOP STEP met at 3.5 years.

  • Compensation: Peace Officer salary range is $7,310 - $8,885 monthly.  Peace Officers will receive an additional 3% pay increase and $2,000  stipend on July 2023.


  • Age: 21

  • Education: High School Graduate or Equivalent

  • Experience: None

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