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Position: Entry Level | Type: Patrol

Application Status: Open

December 31, 2023

Expiration Date: 

Sign on bonus:

Certified Officers- $3,000 Signing Incentive on First Check

Non-certified, $1,500 Signing Incentive on First Check & $1,500 After Completion of the FTO Program

Academy salary: 


Salary range: 

$48,048 - $60,008


Hiring website:

Recruiter Name:

Richard Phillips

Recruiter Phone:


Department Info:

The City of Decatur Police Department provides police protection through proactive patrolling, crime prevention, and investigation programs. The Police Officer protects life and property and enforces laws and ordinances. Work involves routine patrol that includes responding to emergency calls, citizen complaints, and alarms. Duties include preliminary investigations, special detail assignments, administrative duties, and other related tasks.


2.5% Raise After 6 Months and an Additional 2.5% After 1 Year

Extra Pay for College Grads with 4-Year Degree

Extra Pay for POST Certified Candidates Based on Years of Experience

Peace Officer’s Annuity and Benefit Fund of Georgia (POAB)

Paid Academy for Non-Certified Candidates

Robust Pension Plan – 90% of pay after 30 years of service

Full Benefits Include Medical, Dental & Vision

Extra Job Opportunities

Tuition Reimbursement

Paid Uniforms & Equipment

Officers hired under the lateral entry program with at least 3-5 years of qualified experience will earn vacation leave at an accelerated rate.


  • Must be twenty-one (21) years of age and a U.S. Citizen.

  • Must have a High School Diploma or equivalent; Bachelor’s Degree preferred but not required.

  • Must have a valid State of Georgia Driver’s License (Class C) with a satisfactory motor vehicle record (M.V.R.).

_*_Physical Requirements: *__

  • Ability to lift and carry objects (10-50 lbs.), stand, sit, bend, squat, twist, crawl, climb, grasp and manipulate tools and equipment.

  • Ability to perform work in various situations and settings may include hazardous conditions.

  • Must be free of any physical, emotional, or mental condition which will adversely affect the ability to perform the duties or exercise the powers of a Police Officer.No felony convictions during your lifetime. Pleas of Nolo Contendere are considered a conviction.

  • No current indictments for felony offense(s).

  • No more than one misdemeanor conviction lifetime and no conviction for misdemeanors involving domestic violence, violence towards or disrespect for law enforcement authorities, or sexual offenses. Pleas of Nolo Contendere are considered a conviction.

  • No convictions for DUI/DWI within the past five years. No more than one conviction of DUI/DWI in a lifetime. Pleas of Nolo Contendere are considered a conviction.

  • No convictions for Racing, Reckless Driving, Aggressive Driving, or Driving with a Suspended License in the past five years. Pleas of Nolo Contendere are considered a conviction.

  • No convictions for Hit and Run, Homicide by Vehicle, Attempting to Elude an Officer or Habitual Violator. Pleas of Nolo Contendere are considered a conviction.

  • In the past five years, there have been no more than three (3) convictions for moving traffic violations, including speeding, disregarding signs and signals, failure to maintain a lane, etc. Pleas of Nolo Contendere are considered a conviction.

  • Marijuana use will be assessed in the context of the applicant’s age at the time of service, the period since use, and the frequency of use. No marijuana use will be allowed within two (2) years of the date of application.

  • No other illegal drug use within five (5) years of application. Combined use of other illicit drugs besides marijuana must not exceed five (5) times in a lifetime. For this section, illegal drugs include but are not limited to cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, L.S.D., P.C.P., and the use of anabolic steroids without a prescription.

  • No illegal sale of drugs.

  • No discharge from any military organization is characterized as "less than honorable or dishonorable."

  • Post Certification must be current and in good standing. The City of Decatur reserves the right to disqualify any candidate based on the preponderance of evidence and other information received during the background investigation process.

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