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Position: Patrol | Type: Police Officer

Application Status: Open

December 31, 2023

Expiration Date: 

Sign on bonus:

Academy salary: 

$75,013 annual

Salary range: 

$75,013 annual - $82,702 annual


Hiring website:

Recruiter Name:

Liz Ehrenstrom

Recruiter Phone:


Department Info:

The Oroville Police Department strives for excellence in the provision of service to our community. By staying one step ahead by anticipating future trends, we can be proactive and take action before we have to react to catastrophe. We must stay a step ahead by planning for future needs, using innovative community policing, and using technology.

One of the most important ways to stay a step ahead of crime is through open communication with the community we serve. The community can help us find ways to reduce crime. The community is the best eyes and ears for what is occurring through the City. Working with the community in an open and collaborative manner holds us accountable and benefits community members as a result.

It is our collective responsibility to help the community remain a great place. We ask you to keep yourself informed of community concerns, involve yourself in community events, and do not hesitate to communicate with us at the Oroville Police Department.



0-18 Mo. Experience – Step A $75,013; Upon hire: 1 Week of Vacation; 2 Weeks of Sick Leave

19-36 Mo. Experience – Step B $78,764; Upon hire: 2 Weeks of Vacation; 2 Weeks of Sick Leave

37 + Mo. Experience – Step C $82,702: Upon hire: 3 Weeks of Vacation; 2 Weeks of Sick Leave

VACATION: 80 hours per year initially; Also See Upon hire above under salary

SICK LEAVE: 96 hours per year; Also See Upon hire above under salary

EDUCATIONAL INCENTIVE: **$125/Mo. for an A.A. or A.S. degree or equivalent ++or**++ $250/Mo. for a B.A. or B.S. degree.

POST CERTIFICATES: **$75/Mo. for a POST Intermediate Certificate ++or**++ $150/Mo. for a POST Advance Certificate.

HOLIDAYS: 12 Holidays + 1 Floating Holiday

UNIFORM ALLOWANCE: $950 per year

LONGEVITY PAY: $150/Yr. for 15-19 years of service and $300/Yr. for 20+ years of service.

OUT-OF-CLASS PAY: 5% out of class pay for FTO, OIC or Detective assignments.


SHIFT DIFFERENTIAL: $.58 per hour for swing shift (1400 to 2200) and $1.16 per hour for graveyard shift (2200 to 0600).

CALPERS RETIREMENT FORMULA: ++2%@50++ for Classic CalPERS members and 2.7%@57 for New CalPERS members.


EMPLOYEE MORTGAGE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: Employees who are full-time  and have been employed for 24 consecutive months are eligible for the  City’s Mortgage Subsidy Program that offers a loan up to $50,000 or 20%  of a home purchase price, whichever is less. The loan is deferred until  the employee retires or leaves city employment. Other criteria apply.

CANINE PAY: Assigned K-9 Officer will receive 15 min per day at 1 ½ times their regular rate of pay for care and upkeep.

TAKE HOME VEHICLE: Officers who live within the sphere of influence will be assigned a take home vehicle.

RETIREE MEDICAL: 100% of the lowest cost plan for employee only  after 20 years of service and at least 5 years past CalPERS retirement  age up to Medicare age.

TIER 2 INSURANCE: Health Insurance for OPOA-Sworn  represented employees hired by the City on or after February 19, 2019 -  City contributions for Tier 2 employees shall be limited to the Silver  PPO medical plan for employee, spouse and/or children at the  contribution levels below. Employee only, can elect a different plan but  will pay the difference. There shall be no city contribution towards  spouse and/or children on any other plan than the Silver PPO.

Employer Paid

Silver PPO 

EE Only ** 100% $0**

EE + 1 $1,159.73 $396.27

EE + Family $1,455.84 $565.16

For additional information or questions regarding 2nd tier benefits please contact me.


This is a continuous recruitment. To apply for this position ++please return completed++ ++application  w/resume and contact information for three (3) professional references  to the City of Oroville 1735 Montgomery St., Oroville, CA 95965. Your  application will be reviewed upon receipt.++

Upon receipt, your application packet will be reviewed, and you will  be notified via email or a phone call if you are invited to an oral  board interview for the position of Police Officer with the City of  Oroville.


  • Age: 21

  • Education: High School Diploma or Equivilent

  • Experience: 0 - But must be POST Certified


Knowledge of:

Pertinent federal, state and local laws, regulations, codes and ordinances.

Departmental rules and regulations.

Other state and local law enforcement agencies.

Principles and practices of law enforcement, including patrol, crime prevention, investigation and custody and identification.

Firearms, automotive, radio and other law enforcement equipment.

The layout of local roads and of the locations and characteristics of various neighborhoods.

Modern office practices and technology, including the use of computers for word and data processing.

Basic record-keeping and report writing.

English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Safe work practices.

Public / community relations techniques.

Ability to:

Read, understand, interpret, apply and enforce federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations.

Analyze problems encountered on the job and recommend solutions.

Appraise situations and people accurately and quickly, and adopt an effective course of action.

Perform responsible police work in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines.

Participate in criminal investigations.

Observe, remember and recall detailed information, names, faces and facts.

Work under stressful or dangerous conditions, often involving considerable personal risk or risk to others.

React quickly and calmly in emergency situations.

Deal courteously, yet firmly and effectively with the public in police situations.

Properly use firearms and other work-related equipment.

Learn standard police radio procedures and codes.

Prepare clear and concise records and reports.

Perform mathematical computations with accuracy.

Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

Learn and utilize new skills and information to improve job performance and efficiency.

Meet the physical requirements necessary for successful job performance.


Graduation from high school or GED.

Additional Requirements:

Must be at least 21 years of age at the time of employment.

Possession of a valid California driver’s license without record of suspension or revocation.

Graduation from an approved P.O.S.T. Academy and the  ability to obtain Basic Certification as issued by the State of  California Commission on Peace Officer’s Standards and Training.

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