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Position: Patrol | Type: Entry

Application Status: Open

December 31, 2022

Expiration Date: 

Sign on bonus:


Academy salary: 

$6,087 monthly

Salary range: 

$6,087- $8,342 monthly


Recruiter Name:

Jeff VanderVeer

Recruiter Phone:


Department Info:

Our agency started 20 years ago and we have a large amount of loyal officers that started in the beginning and are getting towards retirement. This isn’t just a problem at Federal Way, but many agencies in the NW. Because of that, attrition will keep us hiring for a few years. A large amount of officers that stay at an agency until they retire is a positive sign that the agency is a good place to work.


Sick Leave

Officers are given 4 hours per pay period for sick leave, up to 96 hours a year.  This can be saved to a max of 1080 hrs.   Up to 25% can be cashed out at time of Retirement*


Based on department longevity, Officers accrue hours every pay period.  They can “carry over” up to 2x the maximum yearly amount.   Probationary Officers are not allowed to use Vacation or Holiday during FTO. 


Officers are given 124 hours of Holiday time at the start of the calendar year.  This time must be used during the year provided.


The department uses a Quartermaster system and provides Police Officers with uniforms for their current assignment.  This includes the cleaning of the uniforms.   Officers are also given a yearly $200 allowance.  Detectives and Motor units also get a generous yearly clothing allowance above the yearly allowance. Dry cleaning for uniforms is provided by the Department.

Community Center Passes

Officers are able to purchase passes to the City owned Community Center at a reduced rate.


  • Age: 21

  • Education: High School

  • Experience: Successful completion of basic law enforcement academy and minimum 1 year of law enforcement experience

  • The ideal candidate must maintain self-discipline and credibility through honest and ethical behavior and must have strong skills and abilities in a wide variety of areas including communication, creative problem solving, community service, teamwork and leadership.

  • Lateral candidates must meet the following requirements prior to the examination date:

  • United States citizenship OR Permanent Lawful Resident

  • 21 years of age

  • High School Diploma or its equivalent

  •  Valid Washington driver's license and good driving record

  •  Completed a state certified basic law enforcement academy

  • Successfully completed field training in a law enforcement setting, not in a correctional setting

  • Minimum 1 year of continuous law enforcement employment at a municipal, county or state law enforcement agency

  • No more than 18 months break in service

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