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Position: Patrol | Type: Entry Level

Application Status: Open

December 31, 2023

Expiration Date: 

Sign on bonus:


Academy salary: 

Salary range: 

$83,640 - $109,512 annual


Recruiter Name:

Caitlin Gonzales

Recruiter Phone:


Department Info:

Our patrol division is the heart of our department. From the North Precinct, which is home to the University of Washington and the bulk of our city’s residents; to our East Precinct, which features wonderful cultural and ethnic diversity, to our West Precinct, which is Downtown Seattle and nearby neighborhoods; to our South Precinct which borders Lake Washington and wonderful Rainier Valley neighborhoods; to our Southwest Precinct, which is home to the West Seattle neighborhood, the people who patrol our nearly 84 square-mile city see a little bit of everything.


Uniforms and Equipment

Uniform Allowance: Yearly uniform allowance of $550.

Vacation and Benefits

As part of the largest city in the Northwest, the City of Seattle offers generous leave and family coverage. Benefits begin the first day of Academy Training:

  • 10 Paid Holidays plus
    16 hours Personal Holiday

  • 12 Days paid Vacation per year to start. Accrual increases with Longevity.

  • 12 Days paid Sick Leave
    (can be used for spouse/domestic partner, child or parent)
    (unlimited accrual)

  • Enrollment in Washington State LEOFF2 Retirement

  • Deferred Compensation Plan (Optional)
    (City Matches up to $4,380 per year)

  • Premium and Incentive pay depending on assignment


Medical/Dental/Vision/Life Insurance

  • Benefits start within 30 days of being hired.

  • No extra cost for Dependants Coverage and Domestic Partner Coverage is available.


  • Age: 21

  • Education: Attained a high school diploma or a certificate of high school equivalency (GED).

  • Experience: Listed Below


Eligibility Standards:

· Be at least twenty and half (20.5) years of age.

· Hold United States citizenship, OR have legal permanent residency in the U.S.

· Attained a high school diploma or a certificate of high school equivalency (GED).

· Individuals may not have been discharged from military service under dishonorable conditions.

· *_For lateral candidates- *_Two (2) years of post-academy experience as a certified law enforcement officer (municipal, county, state) with FULL law enforcement power and duties during the last 36 months.

Applicants must meet all eligibility standards by the date of participation in the exam process.

Minimum Employment Standards:

The following standards apply to all candidates for Police Officer.

++Drug Use.++ Prior to the exam date:

· Have not used Marijuana within twelve (12) months prior to taking civil service exam, and

· Have not used cocaine or crack within the previous five (5) years, and

· Have not used club drugs, such as, but not limited to: Ketamine, GHB, Rohypnol, or MDMA (ecstasy) within the previous three (3) years, and

· Have not used any Hallucinogens, LSD, Mushrooms, or Psylocybin within the previous five (5) years, and

· Have not used PCP, Angel Dust, Wet or Phencyclidine within the previous five (5) years, and

· Have not used Opium, Morphine, or Heroin within the previous five (5) years, and

· Have not used Methamphetamine, Crank, Crystal, Ice, Speed, Glass, or Amphetamine within the previous five (5) years, and

· Have not inhaled aerosols, sometimes referred to as Huffing (paint) or Whippits (Nitrous Oxide) or used Khat within the previous five (5) years, and

· Have not used any illegal drug(s) while employed in a criminal justice and/or law enforcement capacity, and

· Have not manufactured or cultivated illegal drug(s) for the purpose of the sales/marketing of the drug(s).

Please note that use of illegal drugs and the illegal use of prescription drugs, referred to in this standard, means the use of one or more drugs, the possession or distribution of which is unlawful under the Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

Offers of employment are conditioned upon a pre-employment drug screening to confirm abstinence from illegal drug use.

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