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This service is perfect if you want to make the most of our services. Your personal coaching is tailored to you, and your particular situation. From going over your background packet before submission to oral board prep. It's just you and me... a recruiter who has sat on the other side of the table and will help you understand what a department is looking for. 

Do you have questions that you feel haven't been answered? Departments are restricted in what they will tell you about your application and why you may have been passed over. If you're willing to be honest with yourself and me, we can go over your file and identify areas that would be red flags. Then we can talk about steps you can take to address areas of concern.

Coaching can be done in person (depending on location) or in Zoom meetings.

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 Up until this point, you have been information on paper. This is your one and only chance to let an agency know who you are. You need them to understand why they should pick you out of the hundreds of other applicants. Don't be someone who makes it to the final round but fails to make the cut during the interview.

We'll set aside an hour in which I will interview you, video record your responses, and take notes about your answers. I'll provide feed back on your answers to include areas of improvement and identify answers that you excelled at. You will also get a digital copy of your interview and notes that I made during our session.

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