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Pellet B Test

States Used:

Most agencies in California, California Highway Patrol, Oakland Police Department, Sacramento Police Department.

The Pellet B test is a written exam used in the selection process for California police officers. This test is designed to evaluate various skills and abilities that are essential for performing law enforcement duties effectively. The exam is structured to assess an individual’s reading and writing abilities, focusing particularly on spelling, vocabulary, clarity, and English grammar.

Sections of the Pellet B Test:

  1. Writing Ability: This section assesses an individual's ability to write clearly and correctly. It examines grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure.

  2. Reading Ability: This section evaluates the candidate’s reading comprehension. It typically includes multiple-choice questions based on passages that the candidate must read and understand.

  3. CLOZE Reading Test: This is a unique part of the Pellet B test. It consists of a passage with several words removed, and the candidate must use contextual clues to fill in the blanks with appropriate words.



To prepare for the Pellet B test, candidates can practice with sample questions, review guides, and take practice exams to familiarize themselves with the format and content of the test. Practicing reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling are particularly important for performing well on this test.


Candidates are scored based on their correct answers. The total score is then converted to a T-score, which is a standardized score with a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10. Typically, a T-score of 42 or higher is considered passing, but different agencies may have different cut-off scores.

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