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Law Enforcement Hiring Process

Law Enforcement
Hiring Process

Law Enforcement  Application

The ability to submit your application with a department. You will likely need to submit an application to each department yo want to apply with.

Background Investigation

An in depth investigation by an investigator to verify information, obtain character references, and discover any red flags in your past.

Oral Board/Interview

An important step in which the department will meet with you in person. You will be assessed on your social interaction as well as possible scenarios.

 Police Written/Video Test

A written test, video test or combination of both used to assess candidates and determine who is selected to continue in the application process

Polygraph Exam

An exam to determine if information you have provided is correct, and uncover areas of deception. 

Medical Screening

Physical exams are similar to a sports physical and will include a drug use history test.  

Physical Agility Test

Typically a pass fail on your ability to perform related physical functions of an officer. Can be an obstacle course, running, jumping, push-ups, or combination of all.

Pyschological Exam

An exam to determine any personality concerns, as well as your able to interact with people, stress management. and coping mechanisms

Conditional Job Offer

If you are successful in your application, the department will provide you a conditional job offer which will typically include salary and the start date of your academy!

Looking for Detailed Information on Each Step? Get Our Law Enforcement Hiring Process Guide!
Law Enforcement Hiring Process
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