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Do I Need A College Degree To Become A Police Officer?

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Hey, it's Lieutenant Skip with Earn My Badge. Today we are going to be answering one of your questions. So, let's get started. Today's question is, "do I need a degree to become a police officer?" And the answer is it depends. It depends on the agency. Each department agency will have its own requirement, and generally they tend to go from anywhere from a GED or high school diploma, an associate's degree, or a four-year degree.

If you only have a high school diploma and a department requires a four-year degree don't be discouraged. You can look at getting that degree, or you can look at other agencies within your city, state, or county there. Due to the varying requirements, you a lot of flexibility. However, you want to find a department that fits your personality in terms of policing. We have a ride-along program, Ride-Along Secrets which will help you find an agency that matches you. Definitely take a look at that, if going into law enforcement is something you are serious about doing.

Keep in mind that you do need a license to be a police officer. And the way you get that license is through attending a police academy. That academy can be hosted through a community college or by a department.

In a police academy, you'll get your credit hours that then allows you to take the licensing test. This is need to become a police officer. The other option is you go through a hiring process and get hired by a department. They will then send you through a police academy that is either their internal police academy or maybe a regional academy. So those are some of the general education requirements.

Generally, you’re looking at a high school diploma/GED, an associate's degree, or a four-year degree. You then need to be able to pass a police academy and take the test for the licensing. I hope sheds light on what you need!

This Lieutenant Skip, good luck!

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