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It's like a kick in the Gut!

There are a series of feelings that go with the news that an officer has fallen. Typically, there is a post about a department loosing an officer in the line of duty, next its a search to find out who. This is natural. Not because of the gossip similar to tabloids, but a critical need to know if it was one of your friends. If it's not, there is a slight relief that they are ok... but right behind that is the fact an officer died. While you may not have known that warrior/guardian, one of your brother or sisters in Blue has fallen. This is life... this is our profession. It is horrible when we loose an officer, but we, who wear the badge, know this can happen. When it does, we dedicate being the best cop, man, woman and human that we their memory.

We will continue the work they did, because it must be done! And we will welcome those who wish to enter this profession, and will look after them like a brother or sister....


Here was Colorado's most recent LOD.

Just over a week ago my wife was scrolling through social media and told me about an officer who died in Commerce City. In the next day, I found out it was Detective Curt Holland. I did not know him, but I knew his co-workers, and I consider them friends. I did not know his family, but I do know families who now share a similar fate.

His co-workers lost a friend, a partner. They lost someone who stood next to them as they confronted the evil in our world.

A community lost one if its guardians, Detective Holland who watched over the streets and neighborhoods while people slept comfortably. Detective Holland who helped find justice for victims.

Our state added one more name to the list of fallen officers.

Rest, Detective Holland. While it can never replace you, your family will always be watched over by your blue family.

Officer and young daughter
Detective Curt Holland

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