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Simple words to describe the police career.

Today was one of those good days about being a "cop." I had the opportunity to attend a police academy graduation. These men and women had spent months of their lives applying to police departments and were eventually hired and accepted into a police academy.

Six months later, they stood before friends and family and had their badges pinned onto their uniforms.

During the ceremony, Police Chaplin Josue De Leon gave the Invocation to attendees. With my head bowed, his words caught my attention


"It has been said that there are two opposing forces in the world, order, and chaos. We thank God for the protection that these officers will provide when there is the need to restore order to the inevitable chaos that has a constant presence in this imperfect world."

At the base, this is what law enforcement does. This is why we will always need extraordinary men and women to stand up and "become a cop."

-Lt. Skip

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