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What Your Employment History Can Do To Your Police Test.

Hey guys, it's Lieutenant Skip here with "Earn My Badge." Today I want to write about your employment history; how departments look at that. Understand they want to look for stability in an applicant. They want to see someone who will be at an employer for a number of years, that three, five, ten year period.

However, they understand that that's not always going to be the case. Life comes into play, right? When you're in college, when you're in high school, you're probably going to have a lot of jobs in a short amount of time. You're working seasonal jobs; you're working through college; you're working through summer vacations; they understand that. But you need to let them know that a specific job was seasonal and that you would use that experience to level up in your next job application.

However, as you get closer to trying to apply (3-5 years out), you need to start looking at longer-term employment. So if you're a contract employee, make sure you highlight the contract term and try to avoid a change. I get it; there's never a guarantee, but do what you can.

Also, you might be in a situation where you're unhappy with your employer. If you truly cannot stand to work there any longer, then do what you need to do. However, if it's something you can tolerate, then try to stick it out until you get hired by an agency.

Departments are concerned with an applicant who has a history of jumping from one job to another. They do not want to spend the time, money, or resources on someone who will likely leave within a year or two.

What does your work history say about you? Do you show a pattern of job stability?

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