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People Aren't Entering Law Enforcement, That's What the Rumor Is...

Is this a difficult time for law enforcement? Yes, it is. However, this career has always been in the spotlight, and it always will be. While much of what is said about law enforcement is not accurate, it does affect the profession's image. However, we can also use this time to improve the way we do things because that's what professionals do, and that's who we are. We should always strive to be better!

Many people have retired and left the profession, but each day, and each night, men and women are in police cars helping people in their neighborhoods.

You may not see it in the media, but departments are hiring. Men and women across the nation are "tossing their names into the hat" to become police officers. They know who they are and want to be a part of something bigger!

If you're on the fence, realize that there are others like you, even if it may not sound that way in the news.

Need more confirmation to decide if this career is for you? I'd recommend going on a ride-along. It will give you first-hand experience of what being a police officer is like.

If you want to learn how to make the most of your ride-along, check out our Ride-Along Secrets course below!

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